Sacramento Regional Planning Committee

The Sacramento Regional Planning Committee was started in (YEAR), to organize a successful Sacramento FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) Regional each year since. This year’s Sacramento Regional will be held at University of California, Davis (read more about the FIRST Sacramento Regional Competition).

Name Position Team Affiliation
Jeff Workman Chairman FRC Team 701
Mark Crusoe Volunteer Coordinator FRC Team 701
Rick Durante FIRST Technical Advisor
Bryan Gray Head Referee FRC Team 701
Robert Greene Kickoff Coordinator FRC Team 3250
Teri Benart-Abrahamzon Judge Advisor
Matt Stemple Lead Robot Inspector
Jennifer Gray Pit Administration FRC Team 701
Nicole Manker
Richard McCann Public Relations/Media FRC Team 1678
Janet McKinley Regional Director


If you are interested in learning more about the committee or ways to volunteer, contact the California FIRST Leadership in your area.

Name Position
Janet McKinley FIRST Regional Director
Bert Abrahamzon FIRST Senior Mentor